Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete in Architecture  
  High strength glassfibre reinforced concrete are used worldwide to manufacture a vast range of prefabricated architectural and building components  
  GRC Architectural Cladding  
GRC's ability to be formed into thin sectioned, lightweight, elements with a wide spectrum of shapes, colors and textures has provided architects with one of the most versatile building materials ever
  "Lightweight GRC panels are used to clad some of the most prestigious buildings in the world"  
  GRC Architectural Mouldings and Features  
  GRC is easily moulded. It can faithfully replicate shape, form and texture. GRC offers architects an unsurpassed medium through which they can express their designs.  
  Cornices, window surrounds, portals and a multitude of other architectural mouldings and features can be produced in GRC.  
  GRC can be used to replicate classic architectural features and mouldings  
  GRC in Engineering  
  GRC is used in a wide variety of engineering applications including:  
  Bridge Construction  
  Sewers and Drainage  
  Tunnel Linings  
Noise Barriers
  New regulations are demanding lighter weight concrete products GRC is the solution